Should You Sell Your Home To A Houston Real Estate Investor?

Houston Real Estate Investor

Houston real estate investors flip the script for selling a house. Most homeowners are used to selling their houses on MLS with the help of realtors. You list your property on the market, make sure it looks its best, and hope that a buyer will make an offer on the house. It’s the same story for many, but it isn’t the only one out there. There are alternative ways to “sell my house fast Houston!”

It’s become increasingly common for homeowners to inquire about real estate investors. But who are real estate investors, and why do some homeowners choose investors instead of real estate agents? Read on to learn a little more about real estate investors and the pros and cons of working with these cash house buyers in Houston.

Who Are Houston Real Estate Investors, Exactly?

Real estate investor refers to individuals or companies that purchase residential homes as part of an investment or business strategy. That means different real estate investors have unique motivations when they make an offer on your home.

Understanding the different types of real estate investors:

Investors usually operate under one of four key strategies.

  1. Wholesale Investment: Real estate investors who purchase residential properties and then resell them fast as-is are implementing a strategy referred to as a wholesale investment. They purchase property well below market value, intending to sell it to another real estate investor for a higher price.
  2. House-Flip Investment: Investors who implement this strategy buy rundown properties at a steeper discount, renovate them, and then sell the houses at a higher price.
  3. Buy & Hold Investment: This strategy helps real estate investors grow their portfolios over time. They buy a house and hold it for an extended period without living there. Investors using this strategy may rent or hold the property without renting and wait for improved market conditions and property appreciation to make money on their long-term investment.
  4. Buy/Flip/Hold Investment: Here, the investors purchase a property, upgrade it, and then rent it out at a premium while counting on property appreciation and rental income.

Common Reasons To Sell To A Houston Real Estate Investor

Why would a homeowner sell their house to a real estate investor?

Homeowners who sell to investors can avoid the complicated home sale process and sell directly to a cash house buyer. This sale allows the property owner to bypass inspections, marketing, hiring real estate agents, and buyer financing issues.

So, are real estate investors a viable option for you. Most of the time, houses that appeal more to real estate investors are not in good enough condition to sell the traditional way. Below are examples of instances where selling to a Houston real estate investor might make the most sense:

  • Inherited House: Have you inherited a home and don’t want to live in the house? If so, you don’t want it to sit vacant for too long. Not only can a vacant house be a target of vandalism, but you could also be on the hook for piling bills and capital gains taxes.
  • Disrepair: If your property requires extensive repairs and upgrades to attract typical home buyers, it may be appealing to sell your Houston home as-is to an investor.
  • No Financing Possible: If the house you’re selling is rundown and does not meet permitting or safety standards, most mortgage lenders won’t fiancé a loan for the house, which can make it challenging to sell to typical buyers.

Other instances where it makes sense to sell to investors include but are not limited to:

Where To Go From Here? Sell Your House For Cash To Houston’s Top Real Estate Investor!

Now that you understand who real estate investors are, it’s time to consider your options. At Southern Hills Home Buyers, we are experienced and reliable investors and we buy houses Houston as-is for cash! If you’re curious about what we can offer for your home, call us or fill our form before or even after your house hits the market.

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