We Buy Houses For Cash Dallas

We Buy Houses For Cash Dallas

We Buy Houses For Cash Dallas

We Buy Houses For Cash Dallas and we know selling your house in Dallas can prove to be a herculean task. Even looking for a reliable and trustworthy agent to help you sell the house can be frustrating in itself. At the end of the day, it may take you a long time to complete the sale of the house. 

However, you don’t have to go through this vigorous and strenuous process. You can opt for a very easy and quick sale of your home in Dallas. Can I hear you eagerly asking how? 

Well, the simple answer is Southern Hills Home Buyers, a cash home buyer based in Dallas. We buy homes from their owners and the best part is that we pay in cash. We do not operate like real estate agents. 

Our operation is quite faster, easier, and more efficient than that of an estate agent. In the case of an estate or house agent, he acts as the intermediary between you, the house owner, and the buyer seeking to buy your house. However, we are the buyer seeking to buy your house, we negotiate and deal directly with you. This makes their negotiation process faster and easier. 

How Southern Hills Buy Your Dallas Home For Cash

Our mode of operation is very easy and is designed to suit the demands of the house owner.

Contact us

Just imagine the process of you selling your house is a football field. You set the ball rolling from the defense by contacting us. As soon as you contact us, we ensure that we treat you with the utmost priority. 

Provide the necessary information

When you contact us, we require you to furnish us with the necessary information about your house. 

Set an appointment

Thereafter, we then set up an appointment to come view and inspect the house you intend to sell. The inspection would be set at your convenience. So if you want us to inspect it the next day, we are ready. The ball is in the midfield by now. 


We are based in Dallas, so you do not have to worry about us delaying or wasting time before we come to inspect. After inspection of your home, if it meets our demands, we will immediately make a fair offer to you. It thus falls on you to kick the ball into the back of the net by accepting our offer. 

Close the deal

As soon as you accept our offer, we are ready to pay and close the deal. You need not worry about our financing as we already have your cash ready. The final step is to sign the necessary paperwork (which is just a simple contract) and then, the sale is completed. Easy as ABC. 

Advantages of Choosing Southern Hills Home Buyers

There are many advantages you stand to gain if you decide to operate with us. 

  • No Fees or Commissions: When you use real estate agents to sell your home, they deduct a percentage of the sale price as their fee or commission, thus, you do not get your full money. However, with Southern Hills Home Buyers, you are paid your money in full, with no fee or commission deducted. 

We do not require any fee or commission, thus, increasing money in your pocket, with us, you can save money and get full value for your house.

  • You get to Choose the Close Date: We operate based on what the house owner wants. So, if you want a quick sale, get your money within a week, and move on, we are more than willing to oblige you. We operate with speed, so it is not a problem for us when sellers want a quick sale. 
  • We Can Buy Your House Irrespective of its Condition: We Buy Dallas Houses AS-IS This is one of the best perks of using Southern Hills Home Buyers. You would agree with me that you cannot place a damaged or inhabitable house on the market neither can you procure the services of a real estate agent to sell a house that is not fit to live in. You have to make necessary repairs and renovations before you can hope to sell the house. 

However, when you choose to sell your house in Dallas to Southern Hills Home Buyers, you do not need to make any renovations or repairs. We will buy your house AS-IS, that is just as it is. We don’t need you to make any repairs, this is our area of specialization. 

This will also save you from incurring further expenses. This also makes the sale fast, rather than delaying it because you have to make necessary renovations and repairs. 

  • We Pay in Cash: Our policy is to make the sale easy and stress-free, so our payment also reflects the same. We make payment in cash and our payment is timely, as soon as the deal is completed, you get your money. 

We don’t need to sell financing when you accept our offer, we already have the money to pay you. You just have to accept our offer and we will pay you your money in cash. Quick and easy. 

  • Distress Sale: Many homeowners looking to sell their homes are usually in a precarious situation from which they want to move on quickly. It may be a divorce, foreclosure, mortgage, or a tax lien. 

If you find yourself in any of these situations, then, Southern Hills Home Buyers is the perfect match for you. We specialize in distress sales and can complete a sale within a week. So if you need to sell your house as soon as possible and get the cash without any delay. You need not look further than Southern Hills Home Buyers.

Need to sell your house for cash? We buy houses for Cash in Dallas

We Buy Houses For Cash In Dallas Southern Hills Home Buyers is a cash home buyer specialized in the quick sale of homes, our mode of operation is perfectly suited to meet the needs and wants of sellers. 

We are well-financed and do not have to waste time by just applying for funds. We already have the cash to pay you, just accept our offer and get your cash. So if your searching for a way to “Sell My Dallas House Fast

Contact us today at Southern Hills Home Buyers.

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