How To Sell A House With An Underwater Mortgage in Texas

How To Sell A House With An Underwater Mortgage

Selling a house with a mortgage less than its value can be challenging. Especially in a fluctuating market like Texas. You might encounter a maze of real estate jargon, confusing market trends, and tough financial choices. Don’t worry! This helpful article will guide you through your options when dealing with an underwater mortgage. 

Tailored for home sellers this helpful blog post can help you improve your situation with an underwater mortgage. Whether you’re selling for the first time or an experienced homeowner this guide will be your go-to resource as you navigate the ins and outs of dealing with an underwater mortgage in Texas. 

What Does Underwater Mortgage Mean

An underwater mortgage occurs when a homeowner owes more on their mortgage than the value of their home. This typically happens when property values drop causing the home’s worth to fall below the loan balance. The term ‘underwater’ is used metaphorically to describe this situation of negative equity similar to being ‘drowned’ in debt. 

Dealing with a underwater mortgage can be challenging for homeowners especially if they plan to sell or refinance their home. It’s important to understand that having a underwater mortgage doesn’t automatically lead to foreclosure but could increase the risk if monthly payments are not met. Being ‘upside down’, on a mortgage is another way of describing an underwater mortgage.

What If Your House is Underwater

Can You Sell a House If You Owe More Than It’s Worth?

Yes you can! Deciding to sell your house when you’re struggling to keep up with mortgage payments can actually be a move to avoid foreclosure or repossession. One key benefit is that it can help protect your credit score. Foreclosure can really damage your credit rating making it tough to get loans down the road. Selling the house on the other hand can stop this impact on your credit history.

Furthermore selling could give you some breathing room. Even if you don’t have equity in the property because you owe more than its value, selling could still ease the burden of payments. This might free up funds for other expenses.

In addition there are buyers who purchase ‘underwater’ properties or those with ‘negative equity’ meaning they have experience dealing with homes where what is owed exceeds the propertys value. They see potential where others may not and might offer a fair price for your property so you can pay off your debt. If you’re interested in selling your house Southern Hills Home Buyers is a local home buying company that can purchase your property quickly and in as is condition. 

Lastly though selling a property may seem daunting it offers a chance, for a new beginning. It allows you to move past a tough situation and start anew with better financial strategies and planning.

Ultimately deciding to sell a house that’s worth less, than what you owe can serve as a solution to prevent foreclosure or repossession. This decision comes with advantages, like safeguarding your credit score and easing burdens by getting rid of mortgage obligations.

What You Need to Know About Selling a House That’s Underwater

Selling a house with a higher mortgage than the propertys value can be quite a process. Typically it takes around 89 days to sell a house in Texas. Keep in mind that selling an underwater house might take longer, than usual possibly stretching over months or up to a year. The time it takes to sell is influenced by factors like market conditions and pricing strategies. Generally when selling any house, repairs are often needed to make it more appealing to buyers. However in the case of an underwater mortgage this could add financial strain on the seller.

One way to overcome these challenges is by considering selling to companies that advertise ‘We Buy Houses Arlington‘. These companies often offer the convenience of an all cash offer and a speedy home sale. They purchase homes as is without requiring any repairs or upgrades. Many homeowners facing mortgage issues have opted for this solution and have had a stress free experience. This approach can potentially save you both time and resources.

Alternative Options Besides Selling

Dealing with an underwater mortgage can be incredibly stressful for any homeowner. Despite the challenges there are some alternatives to consider besides selling your home. Below we’ll cover more information about short sales, deed-in-leu of foreclosure, and refinancing. 

Short Sale

A thought out short sale could be a choice for homeowners facing challenges with an underwater property. This strategy involves the homeowner willingly selling the property for less than what’s owed on the loan with approval from the lender. It’s important to understand that proceeding with a sale should only be done after grasping how it may impact your credit score.

Before moving with a short sale it’s advisable to consult your lender first. While some lenders may consider this option others might suggest alternatives like loan modifications or refinancing. Seeking advice from a real estate expert or legal counsel is also recommended due, to the complexity of the sale process; their professional input can be extremely helpful.

One advantage of opting for a sale is that it could help homeowners steer clear of foreclosure, which can significantly harm their credit rating.

However opting for a short sale can have an impact, on your credit score so it’s important to consider this carefully in comparison to the potential advantages. Moreover lenders might choose to forgive the disparity between the selling price and the outstanding mortgage amount. This is not guaranteed and could vary based on factors like your financial situation, the policies of the lender and local market conditions.

Before embarking on a short sale be prepared for a lengthy and possibly challenging journey. This process involves stages such as obtaining an appraisal to assess your homes value, listing the property for sale, finding a prospective buyer and ultimately gaining approval from the lender for the sale. The entire process can span over months. However with patience and expert guidance successfully navigating through a sale is feasible and can put you back on track towards financial stability.

Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

Deed in lieu of foreclosure serves as a last ditch effort for homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage payments and find themselves underwater financially. By transferring ownership of the property to the lender homeowners can steer clear of the prolonged and damaging foreclosure process. Essentially this transaction entails surrendering your home to the lender in exchange, for them canceling out any remaining mortgage debt.

It’s important to understand that while opting for a deed in lieucan help lessen the impact on your credit score compared to going through foreclosure it still comes with consequences. This transaction will show up on your credit report potentially affecting your ability to qualify for a mortgage, down the line. Before proceeding with this choice homeowners should explore all alternatives, such as selling to a cash buyer, pursuing a loan modification negotiating with the lender for a short sale or looking into refinance options.

Keep in mind that the lender must agree to accept a deed in lieu of foreclosing and this approval is not always guaranteed. They may decline if the loan is insured, if there are loans or liens on the property or if they believe the homeowner has income or assets to cover the mortgage. 

Before deciding on a deed in lieu of foreclosure homeowners should seek guidance from a estate professional or reputable home buying company, like Southern Hills Home Buyers. They can offer insights and support to navigate through this process.

Refinancing Your Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage involves replacing your mortgage with a new one that usually comes with different terms and more favorable interest rates. This particular step has the potential to reduce your mortgage payments making it an appealing choice, for homeowners who are facing difficulties with payments or a rise in their cost of living. 

However the option to refinance may not be suitable for everyone and involves a set of factors to consider. One key aspect to remember is the expenses linked with refinancing. The costs of closing, lender fees and private mortgage insurance can add up quickly so its crucial to ensure that the potential savings exceed these expenses. 

Additionally your credit score plays a role in the refinancing process. Lenders will closely examine your credit history to determine whether they approve the refinance and at what interest rate. Homeowners with higher credit scores are more likely to secure rates so it might be advantageous to work on enhancing your credit score prior to refinancing. 

It’s also important to note that fluctuations in the housing market and property values can have an impact on refinancing. If your homes market value has decreased or you find yourself in a negative equity scenario obtaining a refinance could become more challenging. 
Unfortunately, all three options do come with some pros and cons. For alot of homeowners the best solution they’ve found is selling their house. Next we’ll take a look at how to sell a house underwater in Texas.   

How to Sell a House Underwater in Texas

How to Sell a House Underwater in Texas

Selling a house underwater in Texas can feel daunting, but it’s not impossible. There are several options that you can choose from including listing with a realtor to selling for sale by owner. 

Since time and money is a big factor at play you’ll want to consider selling your house as is and avoid the expense of agent commissions and all the time and effort required to sell by owner. 

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of selling a house as is and why its the best choice. 

Sell Your Home As Is- The Best Choice

Opting to sell your home ‘As Is’ is an option for homeowners, especially those seeking a quick sale or unable to afford necessary repairs or upgrades. Selling as is means selling the property in its current condition, faults and all without undertaking any repairs or renovations, before the sale. This approach can be advantageous if you’re dealing with foreclosure have an underwater mortgage or simply require a fast sale.

Opting for an ‘As Is’ sale has its advantages that may appeal to homeowners. One key benefit is the speed of the transaction. Making repairs and upgrades can be time consuming and cause delays, in selling. Selling ‘As Is allows you to sell your property quickly and close sooner. 

Moreover selling as is can free you from the strain of repairs or upgrades. Not everyone has the funds, for fixes or renovations that add value to a property. In these situations an as is sale could be a great choice.

Lastly an ‘As Is’ sale can alleviate stress. Handling repairs coordinating with contractors and preparing the house for viewings can be overwhelming.

If selling your house as is sounds like the best option for you and your family, you’ll want to contact one of the Cash Home Buyers Dallas TX with experience buying houses with an underwater mortgage. Southern Hills Home Buyers is one such home buyer that is here to help and is a BBB accredited business. Reach out to Southern Hills Home Buyers today for a cash offer on your underwater home. 


In conclusion, dealing with an underwater mortgage or facing foreclosure is undeniably stressful. Yet, there are multiple routes available for homeowners to navigate their way out of mortgage mayhem. Whether contemplating a short sale, considering a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, or selling your house as is, it is crucial for homeowners to make informed decisions. 

Additionally, reaching out to credible fast home buyers like Southern Hills Home Buyers can provide a swift and practical solution. All these options come with their unique pros and cons, and their suitability can vary depending on individual circumstances. 

Therefore, seeking proper financial and real estate advice is of great importance. Remember, while the present may seem daunting, these solutions when utilized wisely, can pave the way to a more secure financial future.

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