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Cash Home Buyer Allen TX – Our Allen Flips

At Southern Hills Property Group, we pride ourselves in being a trusted cash home buyer in Allen, TX. Our mission is to find a win-win solution for homeowners who prefer to sell quickly and easily to a cash home buyer rather than going the traditional listing route. What we offer homeowners in Allen, TX:

  • As-Is Sale: We will buy your home as-is, meaning you don’t have to make ANY repairs. Heck, you don’t even have to take the unwanted items with you when you leave. We donate any unwanted items and have a crew who can clean out the rest.
  • Closing Date of YOUR choice: We can close in whatever time frame is best for YOU. Whether that’s a few days from now or months! We can make it work for us and our business.
  • Cash Sale: Since we buy homes for cash you don’t have to worry about bank approvals or financing contingencies.

Curious what some of our past flips have looked like in Allen, TX? Take a look below.

We’re happy to share some of our past work with you so you can see the transformation we had the pleasure of completing on other homes. We hope you enjoy!

Cash Home Buyer Allen, TX Flip –

This home was located in East Allen, TX in a neighborhood one of our team members grew up in. We had the pleasure of buying the home for cash, AS-IS, and thoroughly enjoyed bringing every part of this home back to life. The was built in the 1950s and had been vacant for a few years since the owners had passed away. The heirs to the home lived locally, but going through their family’s belongings was such an overwhelming task, both emotionally and physically. The home was outdated and needed a lot of work, but this is exactly the project we like to take on. We are still grateful this family chose for us to be their trust cash home buyer in Allen! This is still to date one our favorite projects!

Before & Afters:

Front Porch Before
Front Porch After
Entire Home Before
Entire Home After

We built in half of the two car garage to give more living space to the kitchen, living room, dining room, and create a laundry room. We added a “german schmear” technique to the brick (similar to a mortar wash) – which gave it a bright and fresh feel without painting the brick, cedar shutters, cedar front porch post, new front door, windows, and my favorite – the cedar garage door… if only I could enter the heart eye emoji here!

Moving to the inside of the home…

As mentioned before, the home had seen better days and needed some TLC. The family took the belongings that were important to them and left the remainder for us to handle. This is just ONE of the many benefits to selling to a cash home buyer allen tx like us! When we say we buy homes AS-IS – we mean it. No matter the condition or amount of belongings. This is one home that would have likely required a cash home buyer allen tx to purchase it, because it needed foundation repair and some other big ticket items that often keep bank loans from closing.

Below are some photos of the kitchen before.

Kitchen before
Kitchen before – we kept the window and kitchen sink in the exact same place. This helps to understand the placement when looking at the after photos.
View from the living room looking into the kitchen. The kitchen sink and window are to the left (hidden by the cabinets), the stove is on the right (hidden by the fridge). We filled in the window straight ahead and placed the microwave and range slightly to the right of it.

There was a storage closet in the garage just on the other side of the kitchen’s right wall. We moved this wall back into the garage and did away with the closet. This gave us MUCH more space in the kitchen and really opened up the floor plan. In addition to this structural change we also built-out half of the garage and turned the two car garage into a one car garage. We felt the additional living space would outweigh the garage size in this neighborhood and size of home. This gave us the space to create a dining room (instead of the small dining nook that used to be apart of the kitchen) and a full size laundry room rather than a laundry closet.

Here are some photos of progress during the renovation…

Cash Home buyer Allen, Tx
Sell my house fast allen
Cash Home buyer Allen
Drywall and paint

Lastly, here are the after photos!

The transformation is one of the largest one’s we’ve done and on such a small home at just under 1500 square feet!

We hope you enjoyed the transformation as much as we did. If you or anyone you know is looking for the best cash home buyer Allen TX give us a call at 214-225-3042! We pride ourselves in being the most trusted cash home buyer Allen, TX!

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