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Cash Home Buyer McKinney TX

Curious what some of our past flips have looked like in McKinney, TX? Check out the photos below

We are a local & Family owned Cash home buyer Mckinney, Tx

We’re happy to share some of our past work with you in McKinney, TX so you can see the transformation we had the pleasure of completing on other homes. We hope you enjoy and share our information with anyone you may know who is looking for a cash offer on their home in McKinney, TX! We are a local cash home buyer in Mckinney Tx and surrounding areas.

We buy houses in Mckinney and we will buy your house today in AS-IS condition. Feel free to take what you want and need and leave the rest for us to handle. Like everyone else we can pay CA$H for your house.  However, we offer other programs that may be much more profitable for you that you may not find anywhere else.

For example, our rehab partnership program that almost nobody else offers. We will actually partner with you and loan you the money to rehab your house to bring it competitive in the market place so it doesn’t sit for 6 months while your stuck making the payments.  We can also offer to take over your payments and make them going forward until the house sells. We can even give you most of if not all of your equity through owner financing. Don’t think that you only have one option! We are here to provide multiple solutions to your problems. We have multiple past customers and testimonials that can share with you their experience working with us. Stay local and get us a chance to get you a fair cash offer on your Mckinney home.

Please take a second to read through this page to get a better idea of all your options when it comes to working with us and get a cash offer on your Mckinney Tx home.

Everyone wants cash and we can give it to you and get it to you fast too.  We are known for paying TOP DOLLAR for your property and we give you an all CASH offer the same day we visit the home in Mckinney.  We bring a contract with us so we do not waste your time. We will just need to take about 30 minutes to walk through the house, take some pictures, run some numbers, and then make you on offer on the spot. Our team is very experienced with the local market in Mckinney and renovation costs. We are a one stop shop!

Cash is a great way to go if you happen to have a lot of equity in the property.  However, It may be tough if you do have low equity or none at all.  The good thing about cash is you get your money fast and the house gets sold quickly.  If you do want a cash offer we do however have to make an offer at a discount to minimize our risk and allow us to make a profit.  Buying houses is very expensive and very risky.  We have marketing costs, rehab costs, closing costs, carrying costs, financing costs, time costs, and just the overall risk that the house may sit on the market. Then after we sell the home we have to pay taxes on it just like everyone else.

We buy houses Mckinney and we are open and transparent about our process from start to finish. We show you why we offer what we do.  Cash is a great way to go and so far I have never heard someone tell me they didn’t want cash for their Dallas Fort Worth house. So when you ask us how can I sell my house fast in Mckinney??? Make sure to fill out the form above and get a fair cash offer on your Mckinney home.

We buy houses in Mckinney but we can also offer you something nobody else will.  We are one of the only if not the only house buyers in North Texas that will actually partner with you. We call this our “Fix N Flip” program. Most house buyer’s will not do this because they give up too much of their profit. We are in business to make a profit and help our community. The reality is homeowner’s for the most part are unaware of just how competitive it is in their market place at ALL times.  At any given time their can be a hundred or more houses for sale in your direct area.  The majority of these houses have been fully renovated by a professional rehab company.  If your house is dated even slightly it will most likely sit on the market for months racking up payments. We have a brokerage in house so we can work with you to not only rehab the property, but also sell it once completed. We know exactly how to do this on a budget, in a time frame, and make it a WIN-WIN for everyone.

Unfortunately, many people do not have this type of money laying around and they just cannot bring their home up to a level to compete.


We will come in and loan you the money to rehab the house, partner with you, do the rehab for you, and then we will sell your Dallas Fort Worth house for you.  When the house is sold we will split in the equity on a predetermined amount that is fair for both parties.

Our rehab partnership program is extremely popular and one of the main reasons we get so many referrals.  Call us today if you want a cash offer or want to partner up with us. We are a trusted local cash home buyer in Mckinney Tx.

One of the most common ways is still definitely CA$H!!!!

How can I sell my house in Mckinney when I have no equity?  There are two other ways we usually help homeowner’s if their current situation is that they have little or no equity.  While everyone loves our rehab partnership program not everyone has 3- 6 months to wait for the project to be completed and sold to get his or her money out of the house.  The problem is if you have no equity you cannot really get an ALL CA$H offer without coming out of pocket yourself and having to write a check at closing. We are here to help and want to offer multiple solutions to your current situation.

So what do we do if we have no money to write a check at closing and we have no equity to pay a realtor or to fix the house up to tiptop shape so we can sell it?

Glad you asked….  We can simply step in and start making your payment’s going forward for you if you happen to get behind for any reason.  If you do we will come in and catch up all your back taxes, missed payments, and lawyers fees.  We will make you whole again and this will instantly begin to repair your credit protecting your future right to own a home again in the near future.  We will then make all the payments and pay any cost associated with the property going forward until the home can be sold while you won’t have to worry anymore.

Want to see our work? Check out this house below. We provided this homeowner with a fair cash offer on their home in Mckinney, Tx. We did the renovation on the home. You can see the photos below:

Cash Home Buyer McKinney, TX  –

This is a duplex located in downtown McKinney, TX. We purchased the property AS-IS and are so grateful the previous owners allowed us to be their chosen cash home buyer in McKinney, TX. While this property was built in the 1980’s its surrounded by dozens of beautiful historic homes and we wanted to continue the design from those homes into our project. The exterior siding allowed for a beautiful pop of color. The open front porch makes for a charming spot to relax with a warm cup of coffee while enjoying the fresh morning air.

The property was being rented when we purchased it and the previous landlord had issues keeping the property maintained for the renters. It had a lot of deferred maintenance and since both sides were currently rented it was going to be hard for them to find a regular retail buyer for the property and go through the traditional sales process. They preferred to sell to a cash home buyer in McKinney, TX if all the other offer details worked for them.

We were able to make them an offer WITHOUT any repair contingencies or requirements which is just one of the many benefits to selling to a trusted cash home buyer in McKinney, TX like us! It also needed basic cosmetic updates as everything was original from the 80s. We lucked out with the home having original hardwood floors throughout the living area. It was in great shape and we didn’t have to touch it!

Living Room Before

Living Room After

Dining Space Before

Dining Space After

We removed the plaid wall paper below the chair rail in the dining space and instead of re-texturing the wall to try to match the rest of the home we added beadboard paneling which added a nice touch of character.  The wall above the beadboard paneling was painted a dark grey which added depth to the space and helps make it feel like a true dining room rather than just a little nook off the kitchen.

The kitchen had wallpaper, laminate floors, laminate counter tops, oak cabinets (which were in really good shape thankfully!), and white appliances (which were also in good shape and we were able to keep).

We painted the cabinets white, installed a granite counter, tile backsplash, removed the wallpaper and painted the walls a nice light neutral color (Silver Drop by Behr), and new tile flooring. I love how bright and airy it feels and love that we were able to keep the biggest ticket items (cabinets and appliances) in the kitchen the same!

Bathroom before photos:

Bathroom After

We removed the sail boat wall paper, painted the walls Silver Drop by Behr, painted the cabinets white, installed granite, a new sink and faucet and what. a. difference.

We also replaced the shower insert with a new bright white one which give the bathroom a nice new clean feel.

The bedrooms only needed a light cosmetic update including fresh paint and carpet… but oh the difference it makes!

Bedroom 1 Before

Bedroom 1 After

Bedroom 2 Before

and another before…

Bedroom 2 After

As you can see, it doesn’t always take a huge budget to give a space a fresh and updated feel. This was one of our lightest remodels we’ve done, and yet I think the before and after’s are still amazing!

We hope you enjoyed the transformation as much as we did. If you or anyone you know is looking to sell their house to a cash home buyer in McKinney TX give us a call! 214.225.3042

We pride ourselves in working to be the most trusted and preferred cash home buyer in the McKinney, TX community!

We can help you in many ways even if you have no equity we can still buy your Dallas Fort Worth house.  We are a family run company and are known to be one of the top local house buyer’s.  Once again we are known for paying TOP DOLLAR for houses and are able to match or beat almost any offer you may get usually by 1-2%.  We are definitely not realtors and we do not list houses we buy them. Above is a home we purchased for cash in Mckinney, Tx and transformed it!

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